Opportunity —
As we develop into an even more diverse and urbanized population, National Parks are still not seeing visitors from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Evidence has proven that racial and ethnic groups have been under-represented by National Parks. The park service includes many sites, but few that represent themes such as the history of migration and immigration, the arts and sciences and the civil rights movement. Financial and development cut-backs have challenged historical preservation, forcing many untold stories and artifacts of American history to remain inaccessible.

The Mission —
Urban Speak is a web-based, initiative program designed to help National Parks attract visitors from a wide variety of cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Urban Speak has discovered thirteen untold stories about people from diverse backgrounds who played a significant role in both American history, and in many of our beloved National Parks. As our cultural landscape expands, sharing these untold stories in a meaningful way will help ensure our parks maintain relevancy and support our ever-growing, diverse, American society.

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