IBM Incubator Project

Goal —
Develop a new software product for a specific domain in 11 weeks –Reach out to learn more about this exciting fast paced journey!

Notable Challenge —
We knew nothing about each other or the domain we were solving for – we quickly learned to fail fast and often. Working with a multidisciplinary team we were able to understand the problem at large and develop an innovative solution that was intuitive for the user.

This 11 week project landed us with a meeting to present our solution to the CEO of IBM.
Read more about our story here
Process Process Process —
We spent a lot of time focusing on usability testing to make sure this tool fulfilled the needs of the user. This was an exciting step in the process & gave us insight on what did well, needed to improve, and inspiration for new innovative ideas.

Overall, if you start with the needs and insights of people rather than leading with design, you can gain insights through the combination of qualitative design research and exploratory analysis.

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